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Are you concerned about self-defence & want it to be fun?
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The benefits to learning a martial art cannot be overstated. If you’re looking to improve your general fitness or benefit from a disciplined and carefully structured approach that aims to improve your technical ability, general co ordination and self disciplined in all aspects of your life, our Kempo Jujitsu might be the ideal activity for you.

Kempo means “law of the first” and is famous for its lightning fast hand strikes though we ensure you learn every aspect, which includes kicking, throwing, locking and all the aspects that can make this art form so devastating.

We take pride in making sure our teaching is accurate, informative and incredibly fun. Whether you’re already experienced in Jujitsu or you’re looking for self defence classes in London, our experts are able to talk you through your options and find the right experience for you and your needs.

Kempo Jujitsu Classes London

Why not try The Browne Budo Ryu Kempo Jujitsu Close Quarter Combat system? It’s a mixed martial art consisting of kicking, punching, throwing, locking and ground fighting.Our clients report finding it practical, realistic and effective.

What is Kempo Jujitsu?

A truly awesome mix of three of the world’s most effective self-defence systems: Kempo,  Ju-jitsu and Escrima. There are no competitions or sporting applications in Kempo  Jujitsu as it is a martial art. Originally developed by the Japanese samurai, Jiu-jitsu has been famous for its roots in the battlefield warrior traditions of ancient Japan. With the addition of Kempo and Escrima, this art form has been growing, developing and evolving for many years but remains what it was then: an unparalleled self-defence system.

Try a Jujitsu Self Defence Class for FREE!

If you’re still not sure that Kempo jujitsu, a powerful and effective street self defence system, is for you, why not come down and try a free class  in  one of our Clubs based in Newham, Woolwich,Plumstead Bermondsey & Pimlico!

Why give Kempo Jujistu a try?

For a start, many of the world’s military forces use jujitsu as a base for their unarmed combat systems. The level of discipline that is cultivated through the art alongside the complete technical level of knowledge required makes it ideal as a starting point for both the military and anyone looking to arm themselves with incredible self defence skills.

Kempo Jujitsu is a absolute martial art that contains the most devastating techniques including: kicks, punches, blocks and strikes found in Karate; joint locks and wrist throws from Aikido; throws, strangles and ground fighting from Judo; the deadly street effectiveness of Jujitsu;the rapid hand strikes of Kempo; and the stick and knife fighting & empty hand techniques from Escrima.

Our classes are available to anyone from beginners to established practitioners of martial arts in London looking for a new space. Our classes are available all over London so if you’re in Greenwich, Bermondsey, Pimlico or Newham, contact us to see how we can help you begin your martial arts journey or develop new skills.